Ways of Making a Web Design Glasgow More Responsive

Ways Of Making A Web Design Glasgow More Responsive

Ways of Making a Web Design Glasgow More Responsive

In today’s world, more than 50% of web traffic is coming from mobile devices. Garnering the traffic is just one step; the website which you have created must also fit in well in those smaller screens. Hence, it’s necessary to make it more user-friendly than ever before.


While creating a web design Glasgow, one significant factor should be kept in mind that in today’s world, web activity is very purpose driven. If users don’t find the easiest possible way to find their answers, then a webpage won’t get success which was expected.


Keeping the above points in mind, let’s get into a much more specific and informative approach in making a webpage more responsive.


I. More micro interactions


It is a form of a variable which permits a user to connect with a page without reloading it. Recently, micro interactions have become a regular event in our daily life. The best examples are social media sites like Facebook or Twitter where you can connect to a post with the like button and can even react with other various emoticons like angry or happy faces.


II. Smart typography


Typography is a crucial aspect which will make your webpage look more attractive. It helps to streamline the workflow and assist designers in producing quality work. You can hire a professional company who knows how to give your web design Glasgow the exact typeface it needs for your target audience and based on the subject matter of the project. It makes the page more responsive and functional for a user.


III. Feature prominent CTAs


Since the surge of smartphones, mobile web visitors have become more action-oriented compared to desktop users. So, it’s necessary that while making a webpage for your business, you need to make it more reactive and communicative. It will compel the users to go through your page. To do that, you need to make CTAs very unique and prominent.


IV. Avoid load lag


These days, people have become way too busy in their daily lives. Hence, if loading of a webpage becomes time-consuming, then you must rest assured that your webpage will not get traffic as expected. Ideally, your webpage should not take more than 2 – 3 seconds to load, regardless of whether users are using Wi-Fi or own data; or else, the probability of bounce rate increases.


V. Value of content


Making a website creative is just one aspect; it also needs to have informative content. This is where the need for content management comes into play. While creating a website, one needs to have a clear idea about one’s target audience and the content that one needs to include in that site. It should be simple, adaptable and informative irrespective.


While opting for web design Glasgow services, the idea should be to have a website which is much concrete and functions smoothly and efficiently in all available platforms. Always make sure that the site is compact and extremely user-friendly.



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